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Earn Recurring Income On Certain Products - Enhanced With UPSELLS, DOWNSELLS, Bumps All The Way To Recurring Subscriptions.

LIFETIME COOKIES* (AKA: until they delete them, we can't control that)!

Some Details* Subject To Change:

20% Base Order 8ml

20% Base Order 30ml (both)

20% Base Order 55ml

20% Base Order 300ml

10% On All SavedWorld.org Branded Products



If You Make 30 Sales in a 30 Day Period You Will Be Bumped To Get Paid in 30 Days!

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Currently Only For USA

Taxes are a Pain, For Now We Can Only Support USA Affiliates. You Are Responsible For Your Own Taxes As Stated In The T&C.

Ontime Commission Payments Every 60 Days

We Want To Be Sure No Fraudulent Transactions Have Taken Place. This Gives Ample Time For Chargebacks. 

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Top Products From Top Company Means LOW Returns and Solidified Reputation

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